Let Me Explain!

One of the books I’m most excited about is Jonathan Evison’s novel West of Here coming from Algonquin Books this Fall. I’m just starting it and searched for the title image to use in the right hand column, but couldn’t find one. I went with the bear picture over there, which also happens to be my Twitter icon. The icon is so small on Twitter I bet people wonder why on earth I’m using a stuffed bear to represent me. I’m not really a stuffed bear kind of gal. Now you see why I’m using it.

Also, I’m really excited to read West of Here! I loved All About Lulu and have heard great things about this new novel from other booksellers. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.

5 thoughts on “Let Me Explain!

  1. Steve Walker

    Welcome Back! Really looking forward to hearing about BookExpo and the Fall list. I will come right out and ask
    you. Could the June or July Wine Down at Harvard Bookstore
    be a panel discussion of the New Fall Books? Just got back from the Gulf Coast. What a mess! Had a chance to visit Maple Street Bookstore and Octavia Books in New Orleans. Have a nice list of new fiction to start reading.

    All the best,

    Steve Walker


  2. Skip

    I’m REALLY looking forward to this. Read ALL ABOUT LULU and have been hearing almost unbelievably good things about the new one. Happy reading…


  3. jonathan evison

    . . . ha! . . . i’ll cross my fingers that you love it! . . . early feedback has been amazing . . . maybe i should use your bear for the trade paper . . .?


  4. Shelley

    I’m laughing because my eyesight is shot from proofreading the episodes I’m putting up every day, but after squinting, I finally made out what the little bear says on the red heart!



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