A Scattered Post

I’ve had all these great posts planned about what I’ve been reading–Sloane Crosley’s How Did You Get This Number; about what does it mean for literature now that David Markson has died–he died on Monday; Kelly Link’s heart wrenching post on why she hasn’t written anything in over two year; about all of the cool books I heard at Book Expo America that are coming this Fall.

Perhaps that New York Times article is right–technology (probably Twitter for me) is making me a poor multitasker. I did score 97% on the focus test.

I can tell you that you should read Sloane Crosley’s new essay collection. I think it’s even stronger than her first one. In particular the essays “An Abbreviated Catalog of Tongues” and “Off the Back of a Truck” struck me the most. The essays have her acerbic wit, but with a touch of melancholy.

Mostly I’m watching the Fall galleys pile up on my shelves here in my office with a growing dread that I won’t get to all of them. Just today I got copies of Room by Emma Donaghue—booksellers are raving about this one and Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End: The Story of a Crime by Swedish author Leif GW Persson. The Fall season looks like it’s going to be great. Last year we (booksellers and publishers) exclaimed about the lists, but sales were so poor. Given what I’ve seen so far, I’m predicting a blockbuster Fall.

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