About Me

My name is Megan Sullivan. I moved to the Boston area in 1999 to get a Masters in Classics at Tufts University. I started working part time at Harvard Book Store and realized two years later that I liked working at the store much more than I liked my graduate program. I moved jobs within the company a few time, became Head Buyer, and did that for over 14 years. I also attended and graduated from culinary school in 2012. In August of 2013, I left the store to work briefly at America’s Test Kitchen then as Publicity Manager at David R. Godine, Inc. in Boston. Currently I’m a sales representative for Penguin Random House, selling to independent bookstores in New England (love it).

I write about books because I have access to so many of them. Plus I read at least a book a week. Though I read mainstream stuff, I do try to cover small press books. If you want to send me something, email me at bookdwarf at bookdwarf dot com. But if it’s Amazon only, don’t bother as I won’t read it. I also don’t do ebooks, not because I’m anti-ebook, but because I just haven’t gotten there yet and have so many galleys.