Hello Again

Hello, remember me? Last you heard, I was recovering from an unexpected appendectomy–are they ever expected? Turns out it left behind an infection and I spent another week in the hospital. I’m slowly recovering. So far June has been a giant time suck.

I’ve managed to read a bit in the past weeks. The new Lorrie Moore The Gate at the Stairs managed to take my mind of the pain for a while in the hospital as did Binnie Kirshenbaum’s The Scenic Route. I should probably go back and re-read portions though as the morphine made it difficult to concentrate completely. Since I’ve been out, magazines, books, and television have been my friends. Luckily I don’t lack for a supply of books or for people to bring them to me. I’m hoping to get back to the blog this week with some actual book related postings as my energy levels are finally returning day by day. Thanks for sticking with me!

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