BEA Report, Sort Of

I said in my post last week that I would be going to BEA in New York and would report all that I saw and heard there. Well, plans changed. I went home Tuesday not feeling quite well. I ended up in the ER where they told me I need an appendectomy. I had surgery on Wednesday and finally got home Thursday. I’ve been at home recovering since then. No BEA for me! I’ve been on the internet but not posting or twittering mainly so I would avoid any percocet-addled writing. That would be embarrassing. One of the disappointing aspects is that I’ve barely even read the last few days. All I managed to do was catch up on New Yorkers!

I also wanted to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and tweets. I expect to be back to normal in a few more days.

6 thoughts on “BEA Report, Sort Of

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  2. Steve Walker

    Hey there! Sorry to hear about the emergency surgery. Hope you are feeling better. See you
    at the store in the near future. All the best.


  3. Michael Walsh

    Oh my. I’ve been through the “You’re on the operating table first thing tomorrow” deal. No fun at all. Rest up!

    BEA was … interesting. A lot fewer people trolling for free stuff.


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