“You Can Read with One Hand!”

Did everyone catch Jeff Bezo hawking the Kindle 2 on the Daily Show last night? (Why can’t I figure out how to imbed video!) I can’t decide if Jon Stewart loved it or thought it was really stupid. I laughed when he made fun of the Amazon Prime membership–pay $79 a year and get free shipping! Uh, that’s not free. The Kindle 2 is still $359 plus the $9.99 per book. That’s a lot of money. I’m not against e-readers or digital formats at all. I just think something else will come along that make the Kindle look like the MP3 players that came before the iPod. The New York Times likes it. They call it “the most successful electronic book-reading tablet so far” but add that it’s not saying much as so many have failed before. I personally like the looks of the Plastic Logic reader. I’m hoping to see some of these electronic readers at BookExpo in New York later this year.