Time, She Does Fly

How can February almost be over? I’m not ready for March—it involves lions and lambs. Usually it rains here for about 4 weeks straight. Can’t wait. I’ve been reading Flying by Eric Kraft for the past week or so. It’s slow going as I have to stop to think about what he’s really trying to say after each short section. Plus I’m in the middle of the Summer buying season—7 appointments this week. What was I thinking?

Everyone should run out now and buy Marlon James’s The Book of Night Women. It’s that good. Read the Washington Post’s review. I liked it so much I asked for it to be the Signed First Edition Club pick for March.

Speaking of my store, one cool thing we started today was using green delivery. Now customers can get their books same or next day depending on where they live delivered via bicycle. How cool is that?

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