Has Anyone Read this Book?

This might be a strange question to ask, but has anyone heard about a book coming from Knopf in April called The Hakawati by Rabih Alameddine? It’s gotten good blurbs from both Junot Diaz, Aleksander Hemon, and Andrew Sean Greer, all favorite authors of mine. It’s pretty meaty at 544 pages. PW just gave it a starred review, not that that means too much these days. I’m wondering if I should at it to the TBR pile.

2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Read this Book?

  1. Sarah

    I took it with me on a recent holiday to Florida and found it just about the perfect plane read. It’s meaty but reads fast and is very entertaining and thought-provoking. I’m surprised, considering the blurb wattage, it hasn’t had more fanfare.


  2. Wilda Williams

    HI Megan, I am the fiction book review editor at Library Journal and assigned this novel by a up-and-coming Lebanese writer. My reviewer loved this book and called it an accomplished tour-de-force. We also starred it. The title refers to the name for a MIddle Eastern storyteller. You can check out the review , which is running in the March 1 issue of LJ, on our website. Definitely give this unusual book a shot.


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