I’m going through the biggest pile of catalogs in preparation for a meeting tomorrow. Right now I’m about a quarter of the way through the 400 page Consortium catalog. For distractions today and tomorrow, I suggest:

  • The new issue of Boldtype. This one is devoted to collections.
  • Karl Pohrt of Shaman Drum has started a blog called there is no gap. He is one of the most erudite booksellers I know and his posts demonstrate that.
  • The Tournament of Books. The Morning News has announced their list of books. There’s no particularly shocking books on the list (sort of on par with the NBCC’s badly named Good Reads list), but I’m also curious to see who the judges are.
  • Pinky at the LA Times! Carolyn has joined the crew of Jacket Copy, the blogging arm of the LA Times. Go Pinky!
  • A blogging event! Ok, so this is next week really. The event listing doesn’t mention it, but Sharon Steel of Word Up (part of the Phoenix) and I will be joining Sarah Boxer in a discussion about blogs. Word.
  • Titlepage.tv. They emailed me about this saying “Monday is the launch of a new kind of interview show”. This NYT article explains it better. It could be good. The first episode will feature Richard Price, who wrote the forthcoming Lush Life, Susan Choi, author of A Person of Interest, and Charles Bock, who wrote the well-reviewed Beautiful Children.