Bad Reporting

The Huffington Post posted about the Harvard Coop asking the student when they saw him writing down price information on textbooks. Except the picture they include is the wrong store! They’ve got a picture of my store, the independent one, not the Barnes & Noble managed one.

Yes, it’s confusing with the names. I have to explain all the time that we are not in fact the official Harvard University textbook store. But we’ve been around for 75 years, so we’re not likely to change the name anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Bad Reporting

  1. V-bunny

    I just wrote to the Huffington Post to fix it. That is so annoying. At least none of the people commenting on the post seem to actually think it’s the Harvard Book Store (unless they don’t know the difference, which is like the majority of people anyway).

    Bad Huffington Post, bad!


  2. Sarah

    I also mentioned this in my post on ABA Omnibus. Although if a half-dozen comments haven’t gotten the Huffington Post to fix its mistake…


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