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  • Barnes and Noble exposed! A student was asked to leave the Harvard MIT Coop after writing down prices of several textbooks. the best part is that no where in the article does it mention that the Coop is run by Barnes & Noble. People are often shocked when I tell them that—often people who have lived in the area for years. It’s not a state secret that B&N and Follett run the majority of the bookstores in the country. I think there is only one college campus bookstore in the Boston area that is still independent.
  • More Shalom Auslander is always a good thing.
  • I agree with Scott at Slushpile about Peter Sacks’s whiny essay. Cry me a river.
  • Levi Asher’s online symposium on book pricing is fascinating.
  • Ed has jumped wholeheartedly onto the Remainder bandwagon. This is what Alex, a fellow bookseller at my store, had to say about it:

    This weird, wonderful novel latched onto my brain for the duration of the week I spent reading it. I found myself very directly reminded of its nowhere man narrator as I clambered up the stairs to my apartment at the end of each workday –- reminded of his emerging obsession with identifying and capturing authentic, meaningful, everyday moments. Readers, actors, artists, and observers of all sorts will find something to brood upon in this story of a man who has lost his memory in a violent accident. He is provided with nearly infinite resources to repair his fractured reality; what results is surreal.

  • Ed also has a rundown of the panel report on the crisis in book reporting. James Marcus also has posted about it.

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  1. kari

    actually, alex does have a site, but it’s mostly for his photography and other random design projects. I don’t think he has any work (read bookstore) related things up there.


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