Late to the Game

It’s been busy here at chez Bookdwarf (you’ve noticed the lack of posts), so I’m just now noticing this dust up between Mark Sarvas and n+1. It’s sort of like watching your parents fight—you love them both and also see the faults in both. I don’t agree with Mark posting the emails, but I also don’t agree with Keith Gessen’s assessment of litblogs.

Honestly, Ed is right in his comment that this seems like a bunch of men sitting around flaunting the size of their penises. I’m tired of people trying to ascertain what “litblogs” are for and what we mean and how much backscratching/backstabbing goes on, etc.  Some blogs offer wonderful, thoughtful critiques of literature, some offer gossip about the book industry, many I don’t read because they don’t interest me. And that’s it. I don’t need to worry about what various publications think of me. I’m tired of people trying to pigeonhole my efforts (or lack of) here. Hence, I don’t care what happens in this squabble. It’s a waste of time.

2 thoughts on “Late to the Game

  1. Mary

    Kudos for this post M. Just wondering why people can’t do the things they love without having to explain themselves. Books are my life, as they are yours. I write about them in that context (being polite not to gossip), trying to make connections between those words and this reality. Any other way and I would have signed up for more school. No thank you.


  2. bookdwarf Post author

    Thanks for the kind comments Mary! I’m not trying to take the place of the newspaper. I see myself as another source for people to go when they want to talk about books.


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