Thursday Notes

I’m off to Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow morning, so you won’t hear anything from me until Tuesday. I’m excited that we’re stopping in D.C. for Friday and Saturday before heading to Mr. Bookdwarf’s hometown. I like D.C.—I was there for BookExpo last May. This time I’ll actually be able to see some of the museums, not like last year where I just went in to use their restroom. Not sure what I’m reading on the plane yet. I might read Bill McKibben’s new book Deep Economy or perhaps The Ocean in the Closet by Yuko Taniguchi, an intriguing looking novel coming from Coffee House Press in May. I’ll leave you with a few quick links:

  • Granta has chosen another list of Best Young American Novelists. It’s a nice list, though none of them seem that young (I don’t know everyone’s ages of course).
  • I kind of liked this article on Katherine Taylor, whose debut novel Rules For Saying Goodbye I briefly reviewed the other day. I’m with her on the pink thing.
  • The Tournament of Books is underway. Half of a Yellow Sun beat out Absurdistan, which I think is awesome. I’m still not clear on how the whole Office Betting Pool thing works, but you can keep track here.
  • Tonight the NBCC awards are handed out. Click here for a list of the finalists.

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  1. bookbabie

    Nicole Krauss and her husband (Jonathan Safran Foer) are on the Granta list. Just finished her book, The History of Love, and liked it a lot. A very interesting (and talented) young couple!


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