Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Now that we’re 3 days into 2007, it’s time to take a look at what books are being published this year. Max at the Millions has a comprehensive list of upcoming books (plus a lovely redesign). Scott at Conversational Reading has another list and the New York Daily News has a more commercial list, thought they include some good stuff too.

Myself? I’m looking forward to the new Rupert Thomson novel I mentioned before. Ryszard Kapuscinski has a new book called Travels with Herodotus, about his first forays beyond Poland. Apparently he carries around a volume of Herodotus on all of his travels—this makes me love him. There’s also William Vollmann’s new book of non-fiction Poor People and the new Haruki Murakami coming this summer. I also want to get back to some non-fiction that I didn’t get to read last year, as well as a lot of older books, including more Pynchon, Delilo and Achebe. What are you looking forward to reading most?

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

  1. Max

    Didn’t know you were a Kapuscinski fan. I’ve read all his books save one and was starting to worry that I’d run out, so I was very relieved to see a new title on the horizon. Kapuscinski is one of my all time favorites for sure.


  2. ed

    For shame, Scott and Max. No mention of Jim Crace’s PESTHOUSE, which has been several years in the making? And what of Ian McEwan?


  3. DH

    Looking forward to the new Murakami, of course, but I still have a lot of his previous works to catch up on.

    I’m most looking forward to Tom Bissell’s new non-fiction work The Father Of All Things. Given how terrific his first two books were, I’m expecting another home run.


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