Odds and Ends

  • Boldtype #39 available for the new year.
  • Two new Bat Segundo interviews. He badgered spoke with Simon Winchester and Claire Messud.
  • Five Chapters has a new story available, “The Ultimate Jackpot” by Brian DeVido, author of the novel Every Time I Talk to Liston.
  • Competition is killing the independent bookstore according to this article by the AP. Wait, what? Seriously? Sorry, it’s just that no matter how many articles come out saying what we already know—the chains and online sales are killing independents—nothing changes. People still come into our stores to browse and then go by their books on Amazon. And yes, it’s making me a little bitter.

1 thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. Imani

    How odd. It’s usually the opposite for me: do all my research on Amazon and then buy it in-store. The suckitude of Amazon Canada in comparison to the US admittedly helps.


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