I Want a Nemesis

I’m so jealous of Ed. He’s got a nemesis now—Time critic Lev Grossman, who devoted an entire essay to Ed. What do I have to do to get one?

I’ve never met him. I don’t know what he looks like, how old he is, or pretty much anything about him (or her?). Except that every few months he calls me an idiot on his website.

With a little bit of research (30 seconds on Google), it seems like Lev could have found out a lot more about Ed, but maybe that’s the magic of having a nemesis. You don’t need to know who they are, just that they’re out there. I really want one!

4 thoughts on “I Want a Nemesis

  1. V-bunny

    Funny you mention nemesis. I was just at a reading with Chuck Klosterman where he read an essay he had written for Esquire magazine about the advantages of having a nemesis. Well, the essay was more about the differences between a nemesis and an arch-enemy but either way, it’s better to have one. I found it online here (http://www.grendel.org/tsc/klosterman-enemies.htm) but it’s also in his new book.
    I like you too much to be your enemy so you’ll have to take Jonathan.


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