I’m like the boyfriend/girlfriend who comes up to the bedroom but just wants to snuggle. I’ll have content soon. I am finishing up Michael Ruhlman’s delicious The Making of a Chef, which I am reading in preparation for his forthcoming book The Reach of a Chef. Ed and I are preparing something to do with David Mitchell’s coming of age tale Black Swan Green (it’s my fault we haven’t had anything sooner). Mitchell will be visiting my store in Cambridge and I hope to have audio of that reading as well as a short interview.
Next week, we will be hosting Bernard-Henri Lévy at the First Parish Church and again, I hope to have audio of that to post soon.

To keep you busy, why don’t you check out some of Robert Birnbaum’s stellar interviews with Chip Kidd or Bret Easton Ellis? If that doesn’t fill you up, check out Tito Perez’s nice rundown of an event with Stephen Elliot and Paul Auster. And if you’re still not full, have some laughs with Jonathan Ames’ reminiscence on cleaning out his refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Erin O'Brien

    Oops. I must have made a mistake. I just came here to cuddle.

    Well since I am here, one note. One of the three books my brother gave me (John O’Brien, “Leaving Las Vegas”) was “American Psycho.” I have read it three times and am do to read it again.

    Thanks for the Ellis link.


  2. DH

    Glad to see that Mr. Kidd is writing another book. Not so sure about a sequel to The Cheese Monkeys, though, unless Himillsy is in it, at least to a small degree. I find her a captivating character, and I’d like to see some explanation regarding her “falling” towards the end of tCM.


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