Did anyone else make dioramas for school projects when they were a kid? I loved making dioramas. I got to combine my love of books with my love for cutting things outand assmbling them. I remember making one for a book report on one of the Moominland books by Tove Jansson (have forgotten which one). It turns out they have a pretty awesome website. Even better Drawn & Quarterly, one of my favorite publishers (they are very nice and publish some of the most beautiful books these days. It’s all quality. They let the authors determine how they want their books to look), will be reprinting the comic strip Jansson did in 1954 in 5 volumes. I had to get the Moomins just right. They look like hippos, but are definitely not hippos. I even gathered real leaves and twigs to make a forest for them (yes, I was a perfectionist even back then). I was a devoted diorama maker, though not as obsessive as Lisa Simpson—no moving parts.

(Thanks Bookslut for the link)

6 thoughts on “Diorama-Rama!

  1. Jonathan S.

    I made an awesome diorama in elementary school for “The Red Badge of Courage.” It was in a shoebox. You looked in a hole on the side of it and inside you saw it bisected, one side, the North, the other, the South. There was also cannons and little soldiers. Some of them were dead. It was haunting, man, haunting.


  2. Bookdwarf

    Wow, that sounds like a complicated diorama. How old were you when you made it? I remember having to find the perfect shoebox to makes these things. What a pain in the ass.

    Michael, I haven’t read Wimbeldon Green yet. I have a poster from Seth’s last book on one of the the walls in my office though.


  3. John Mark

    I’ve actually been in a diorama club for a little over a year & just started a blog–more as a photo dump than anything else–if you want to check it out: http://www.brooklyndioramaclub.blogspot.com/

    It’s good fun, and if nothing else, if someone wants to meet you for drinks or make you stay late at work, you actually get to tell them “Sorry, I’d love to, but my diorama club is meeting tonight.”

    a little unexpected to see my book blogging world intersect with my diorama blogging world, but so it goes. keep up the good work.

    -John Mark


  4. Buffy

    In primary school my dioramas always featured Strawberry Shortcake or the Aztecs. Sometimes a horse. I have no idea why. I really don’t.


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