Don’t Make me Harass You….

Don’t forget that tomorrow Reagan Arthur, Kate Atkinson’s editor at Little, Brown, will be appearing at the Litblog Co-op tomorrow, Thursday, May 26th. She’ll answer questions and discuss all sorts of interesting book things. Be there or be square.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Make me Harass You….

  1. patricia

    Darn. Guess I’m square. I’ll be in Arizona, with little chance to access the web. I really loved that book, and I made my mother read it, and that’s no small feat ‘cuz she’s very picky being a librarian and all. She loved it, too.


  2. bookdwarf

    You’re a square, square! Hahahah. Well, you can always check it out when you return. That’s the beauty of the web. I hope you have a wondeful time in Arizona. The weather must be nice.
    I think Case Histories was wonderful too. Couldn’t put it down.


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