While I am working on the Globe Review review, here are some links for your leisure.

Tireless Dan Wicket has 2 new links. In the first, he interviews David Karashima, who translated Hitomi Kanehari’s Hebi ni Piasu into the English version, titled Snakes and Earrings. There’s an interview with Kanehari forthcoming. In the second, he interviews 9 editors of literary journals.

Have I ever mentioned Powell’s Review-A-Day? They post a new review each day from several magazines, including The Atlantic Monthly, The Christian Science Monitor, and TLS. Some of these are only available if you buy the magazine, so it’s a nice deal.

Uncle Red has one of his trademark lengthy interviews with novelist Kevin Guilfoile, whose first novel Cast of Shadows was recently published.

And everyone should go over to the LBC’s website. There’s an interesting discussion (ahem, fight) over what is literary, what is mainstream, etc. Also, the author of Case Histories Kate Atkinson, her editor , and her agent will be making appearances soon.

3 thoughts on “Smorgasboard

  1. mwb

    re: Dan Wicket’s literary journal interview.

    Yay, Rusty & Night Train. I’ve been a subscriber since issue one and I love seeing them get attention.

    On a related note I do wish independent bookstores would support local publishers and journal more. It seems like it would be such a good basis for cooperation.

    It’s so hit and miss even some of my favorite stores were seemingly unconnected with the actual local scene. But I whine…


  2. bookdwarf

    At my store, we try to support local authors as much as possible, but it gets hard when everyone is calling us to carry their books. We display them in the windows and on front counters often. We also carry much from local publishers I am happy to say. But it is difficult, with such a small staff to remain truly in touch with all the various scenes in Boston. As for journals, that’s something beyond my expertise.


  3. mwb

    No I certainly sympathize with the issues involved. But as someone who likes to support small publishers, independent bookstores and local ventures (writers, reading series, publishers & bookstores) I do find it frustrating a bit.

    Your store, which I love BTW and have shopped at for decades, offers one example. A while back I wanted to get a copy of the “Out of the Blue Writer’s Unite” anthology. Published locally (Cambridge) as an anthology of the local writer’s who participant regularly at a reading locale (Out of the Blue Art Gallery) in Cambridge. Mind you some are even of national stature like Tom Perotta.

    I went to your store to see if I could get a copy. They didn’t have one in stock, which is fine so I figure I’d order it. They look it up, tell me they can order it and take my order.

    A few weeks later I get a card that it is out of print. But a quick check confirmed it was not out of print and that they still many copies to be at. I ended up ordering it from Powells which had in in stock and ready to ship.

    And with literary journals (I subscribe to about half a dozen or so) I know from experience that you’re more likely to find them at B&N than independent bookstores, especially anything that isn’t Granta, etc.

    Now I’m not complaining about your store, but I think it’s a shame that readers would miss an opportunity to support local independent bookstores, publishers and author’s because of the difficulty of distribution and lack of connection locally.

    It’s more of a “if wishes were horses” sigh, than a complaint – because I do recognize the realities of small staff, shelve space, sales figures, etc. that smaller independent sellers face.


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