The book biz

Posts might slow down for the next fews weeks—am swamped at work. But read this article by book rep John Eklund. He’s a book reader after my own heart. I too hate being marketed to when it comes to books. When a book hits the bestseller lists, it becomes less interesting to me as well (and I realize how dumb this is). But he has a passion for books and as long as there are still people like that out there, it can’t become completely awful can it?
Go read this post over at BookAngst. It ties into this a bit too. It’s all about how some ‘good’ books don’t sell well in the marketplace due to not enough marketing or whatever. People have gotten passionate in the comments. I feel like this is all connected. I’ve been giving the concept of ‘consumerism’ a great deal of thought lately (Beatrice pointed out this interesting article about it). Maybe there’s a longer post in here somewhere, along the lines of books, there are so many, such little time to read, market trends, etc. Unfortunately it will have to wait for a spare moment which I don’t seem to have these days.