Welcome 2018 – Musings on Reading & Writing

I haven’t disappeared I promise! I still read a ton (even when brushing my teeth) but found myself feeling less excited writing review after review. But after a year or more off, I’m going to start back up again. Some things might be short, some might be long. And I won’t pressure myself to write about a book if I don’t want to at all. Most of all I want it to be fun again.

I’m what I call a ‘completist’. I usually try to finish a book, even if I’m not enjoying it. I don’t do that 100% of the time but I will more likely finish a book that I’m not liking just to see where it goes. Occasionally the last 20 pages can turn a book around.  I’ve definitely hate-read a few books (looking at you Magpie Murders) if nothing else to  fend off those who might say, ‘well the ending makes it better, you should have read it to the end’. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, keep on reading that crap book, and just throw it against the wall  when done.

Part of my reluctance to review was because of my job. I’m a sales rep representing Penguin books hence I read a lot of Penguin books, many of which I really enjoy (everyone should read Danielle Lazarin’s wonderful Back Talk coming in February). But I don’t want to come across as some sort of cheerleader for Penguin books simply because it’s my job. It wouldn’t feel authentic if I did that, I felt. Then I realized that’s dumb. I read a ton and have been for years. No one is going to respect me less (I hope) for talking up a Penguin book that I love because I work for them.

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2018 – Musings on Reading & Writing

  1. Emily @ As the Crowe Flies and Reads

    So glad that you’ll be doing more reviews this year — and nobody will be questioning your reading integrity, believe me! I’ve had nudges from folks to get back into blogging/reviewing this year, so I’m hoping to do just that. Just gotta finish my first book of the year first –I’m 3/4 of the way through Isaacson’s bio of Leonardo and about 2/3 through Jonathan Miles’ Anatomy of a Miracle. Loving both.


  2. Lucian Hodoboc

    I just discovered your blog and I think you’re a pretty good reviewer. You should definitely continue doing more reviews this year. I’m looking forward to seeing this website grow in content and popularity. Good luck!



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