I read a few books over the last few days that were the sort that when you finish the book, you wonder why picked it up and bothered finishing it in the first place. I feel very ‘meh’ about them and don’t even want to review any of them. They weren’t bad but didn’t wow me either.

I thought one would be a English comedy of manners, but it was way more serious than that. One of the main characters has been raped by her brother and is now pregnant. How is that comedy of manners? I thought maybe I misread the description, but no, just reread it and it even says “comedy of manners” on the back. And the book I’m reading now is the third in a series that has been goings steadily downhill since the original, but I’m reading it anyway. I need to re-energize my reading. But how to do so?

2 thoughts on “Energize

  1. Emily Crowe

    Oooh, i know the book you mean. The cover + the title made me think “light, English, period romp.” What we got was very different. I ended up liking it, but it took me a LONG time to readjust my expectations for that one.


  2. Rich

    There are times the disconnect between the marketing and the story is so severe it’s what I want to review, not the book. But that doesn’t help anyone, so I just ignore it.



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