Eating and Writing

I’m so glad that many authors have embraced the shared creativity of eating and writing. One of my favorite authors, Kate Christensen, has written a lovely memoir, Blue Plate Special, about the foods that are linked to her memories. The food doesn’t overwhelm the palate, it accompanies like a nice wine or piece of cheese.

As the eldest of four, born to a lawyer father and mother studying to be a pyschologist, Christensen grew up in the 60s and 70s. One of her earliest memories, described in the very first chapter, is of her father beating up her mother for innocently asking for help with the dishes. This incident forms much of the rest of her life. Bookish from a young age, she writes very openly about the hard times in her life. Food was her constant, there when needed to provide comfort and solace. Christensen has written a generous, open memoir, one that I hope will bring her writing the acclaim she deserves.

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