Rankin Rules

I can’t remember when I first read Ian Rankin, or if I’ve even read all of the Rebus series for that matter. I just know that I can always pick up one of his books and find a great plot matched with interesting characters. The implication in Exit Music, the last Rebus novel, was that the detective was about to retire. Rankin moved to another great series that involves Malcolm Fox of the The Complaints department (the UK’s version of IAB).

To my surprise, Rebus is appearing in another book, Standing in Another Man’s Grave, out now. John Rebus now works as a civilian in the cold case department. Nina Hazlitt asks him to investigate the disappearance of her daughter ten years ago, as well as two other women who disappeared along the same highway, the A9, in the last decade. He’s reunited with his former partner Siobahn Clarke, and Malcolm Fox makes a cameo, investigating Rebus as he applies to be let back on the force. The ending leaves us to believe that this is not the last we’re seeing of John Rebus, and I for one am glad.

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