You’ll Never Look at Ice Cream the Same

Michael Moss, the New York Times reporter Pulitzer prize winner reporter, has written an eye opening book, Salt, Sugar, Fat: How Food Giants Hooked Us, which continues his investigations into the processed food industry. From the creation of Lunchables to the pushback from industry giants against regulations on salt and sugar, Moss covers it all and more. You’ll learn about the bliss point of sugar, the rise of cheese in the American diet, and that Cargill turns out 1.7 billion pounds of salt a year for use in food. 1.7 billion! This book is comprehensive and I can’t stop quoting bits of it to Mr. Bookdwarf. You’ll never grocery shop the same way again, I promise. Consider this news report that came out today.


1 thought on “You’ll Never Look at Ice Cream the Same

  1. Claudia

    Well, yes, which is why I do the majority of my shopping in a store that does its best to screen what they put on the shelves. But still, you have to read the labels, and make the decision to do most cooking from scratch. The book sounds like a good resource.



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