Wise Words from The Wednesday Chef

From My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss:

I guess, dear reader, I want to tell you that even when you have found your person in this world, the person who you know, deep down in your mitochondrial DNA, is meant to be by your side in this life, it is no guarantee that this person will not also drive you completely batshit insane at some moments along the way. It is unfair to expect your sweetheart to be a perfect person or to consider yourself above reproach just because you love each other. Even if you have found your one true love, you will have exact ideas about how to clean a floor, whether your family is nuts of simply lovable, and just what, exactly, are the requirements for being a good driver.

I can’t tell you how much this paragraph spoke to me. Reading it makes me  even more eager to meet her at our event next Tuesday, October 2nd. Details are here.

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