The First Book Finished in 2011

I finished Hannah Pittard’s wonderful The Fates will Find Their Way last night. You won’t be disappointed when you pick up this book I promise. Comparisons will be made to Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides, but mostly because of the perspective.

The stories revolve around the disappearance of Nora Lindell and how it affected her family and classmates. Told through the first person plural, the boys of the town endlessly speculate about what happened, who saw what and where, and periodic sightings. Meanwhile their own lives get complicated as they try to grow up. Nora’s vanishment has a profound impact on all of their lives. Pittard captures the adolescent male mind (at least as I imagine it) as they conjure fantasies and continue to use Nora as an outlet for their imaginations.

Jason Rice over at Three Guys One Book interviewed Hannah Pittard and I purposely waited to read it until after I finished. I recommend you do the same. She’s a really interesting writer, one to watch for sure.

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