What Does a Peck of Peppers Look like Anyway?

Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Peppers from My Garden

These are peppers I picked on my front porch. The odd shaped orange ones are Scotch Bonnet peppers! Supposedly they look like a tam, but they seem more UFO shaped to me. I’m a spice lover, but even I am terrified of these things. What should I do with them? There are four there, but the plant has about 20 more peppers growing on it. The red pepper in the background is a cayenne and the light green are some sort of  mild pepper.

I bought a new camera recently which I’m trying to learn more about it. It’s got way more features than my last point and shoot. This is my attempt at better food photography. The light is terrible but the peppers still look nice I think. Any suggestions for what to do with all these Scotch Bonnet peppers and recommendations on a book digital photography are welcome!

4 thoughts on “What Does a Peck of Peppers Look like Anyway?

  1. Kathleen Tibbetts

    Here’s what to do with the Scotch Bonnets: make the Habanero Salsa from Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby’s “Salsa, Sambals, Chutneys And Chow-Chows”, which is wonderful and in which (I think) they share the trick for eating hot food: eat a little bit, then stop for a while, then start again and it won’t seem so hot. It really works!


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