Friday Miscellany

It’s finally Friday! I’m fussing around with the blog trying to prevent these comment spam attacks. I’m trying something called CAPTCHA codes. I hope they’re not annoying for folks trying to leave comments–I love comments! I’m just tired of these stupid spammers and their Gucci bags. They periodically get through all of the filters I’ve got set up. This might actually stop them. Let me know if this turns into a hassle.

I’ve got some thoughts about e-books which I’m trying to turn into a post. I’ll work on that over the weekend.

I finished reading Michele Huneven’s Round Rock earlier in the week and started Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. I loved Huneven’s novel Blame. It’s interesting going back to read earlier work. I think Blame is a stronger work, but Round Rock is a great novel too. Both books deal with alcoholism but in different ways. I’m going to track down a copy of Huneven’s second novel Jamesland, just for completion’s sake. Anyone else read it?

Enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Miscellany

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  2. Esther

    I know what you’re going through with the spam. I’m on Blogger and I got so tired of deleting a dozen or so comments in Chinese from Taiwan every day that I finally just turned on comment moderation.

    I’ll be interested to know what you think of Freedom. I read The Corrections when it first came out and wasn’t all that enthralled with it. I don’t even remember why exactly I didn’t like it. Maybe he’s just not for me. I think I found some of the characters and situations really unsympathetic.

    I will have to check out Michele Huneven, though!


  3. Shelley

    I’ve been very lucky in the quality of my readers and commenters, but no one can object to your trying to make all comments genuine. Besides, yours is easy to read!


  4. Ellison

    I’ll be interested as to what you think of “Jamesland.” I think Huneven’s first and third are her strongest but “J” still shows off her expertise with characters. Love your blog! and can’t wait to hear what you think of Franzen’s latest.



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