Monday Links

Here’s what I’m reading on this freakishly warm Monday:

  • Steve Almond writes in about why he chose to self-publish his latest book This Won’t Take but a Minute Honey on our book machine at the LA Times. On a side note, why the Boston Globe isn’t printing this article about a local author printing on a local machine, I don’t know. Oh wait, the Globe sucks….
  • The National Book Critics Circle announced the finalists for their book award on Saturday. The fiction list is pretty stunning. Three of my favorite books of last year are on it! That would be Wolf Hall, Blame, and The Book of Night Women.
  • 5 Chapters is serializing Sigrid Nunez’s short story called “Nameless”. Nunez might be one of the best writers you’ve not heard of before. I read The Last of Her Kind a few years ago and loved it.
  • The Millions has posted the Confessions of a Book Pirate.
  • Publishers, want to see what makes a good e-book? Read Kassia Krozier’s article on Publishing Perspectives. Instead of worrying about adding flashy new extras, worry about the basics!
  • Edwidge Danticat writes about Haiti in this week’s New Yorker.