Links for a Fine Tuesday

  • Salon asked authors like Judy Blume, Junot Diaz, Colm Toibin, and Chimamanda Ngozi Aidichie pick their favorite book of the year.
  • I really enjoyed Cory Doctorow’s article on audiobooks in PW last week. I’m not a big fan of DRM and agree with him that the current system doesn’t work. It all seems so complicated. What do you think?
  • The Huffington Post features “11 of the Coolest Bookcases“. I particularly like the one called Infinity.
  • Read Laila Lalami’s thoughtful piece on the Swiss’ ban on minarets from the Nation.
  • Have you read any of Mavis Gallant’s short stories yet? If not, get thee to a bookstore! They’re fabulous. I haven’t read her latest collection from NYRB Classics called The Cost of Living, but I’m sure it’s great. Over at the Guardian, she reflects on her life as a writer.
  • Maud Newton picks her favorite books of the year.
  • I didn’t know the New York Review of Books had a blog, did you?

3 thoughts on “Links for a Fine Tuesday

  1. DJH in Tucson

    Regarding DRM, I agree that it limits use, especially in print material that otherwise wouldn’t happen, i.e., copying material, sharing material, all the activities that usually occur with a book or other printed material. I’m not a fan. Regarding audio rights, I think Doctorow’s solution is perfect: allow the owner of the rights to release use of the material according to established copyright laws. Of course, DRM an attempt by the distributor to protect profits and use of the materials, but honestly, we’re looking at economies of scale with the likes of Amazon and RHA. I think the threat is overestimated.


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