It’s a Link Sort of Day

  • New England booksellers are optimistic according to this PW article about the NEIBA trade show I missed last week in Hartford. “Incoming NEIBA president Dick Hermans, owner of Oblong Books & Music in Millerton and Rhinebeck, N.Y., said that his stores were up in August, which is usually his third biggest month.” Optimistic booksellers are about as rare as snow leopard sightings!
  • Maud Newton and Bookforum write enthusiastically about Juan Gabriel Vasquez’s first novel The Informers, a fabulous novel. From Bookforum:

    Vásquez has much in common with Roberto Bolaño. Vásquez’s great theme is memory: the nightmares, personal and political, that return to haunt us. But unlike Bolaño’s stolid, serviceable prose, Vásquez’s style is musical, occasionally even lush, and its poeticism remains unmuddled in McLean’s translation.

    I posted about how this novel spurred me to read more about colonization and Colombian history back in April.

  • The National Book Foundation has announced the “5 Under 35” for 2009.
  • James Wood responds to Ed’s response to Wood’s review of Richard Power’s Generosity in the New Yorker. I disagreed with Wood’s take on the novel, but I also think I have different expectations from novels than he does.
  • Electric Literature’s latest video is Martha Colburn imagining a Diana Wagman sentence from her memoir Three Legged Dog.
  • An interesting post on pre-publication anxiety by an author.
  • Oh, hey, we’re on television! You might have to search for “book machine” on WBZ-TV’s website. We launched our Book Machine last week, now dubbed Paige M. Gutenborg. I’ve got some photos to show too. It’s pretty neat watching the books being made, sort of like our own Rube Goldberg machine.

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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for all these links. And for anyone who hasn’t read it – Lydia Peelle’s Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing is incredible (from the 5 under 35 link).


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