Back to Work!

  • Sara Nelson picks her 15 top books of the Fall over at the Daily Beast. Some are obvious, but there are a few surprises in there.
  • A library without books?
  • The Man Booker Prize shortlist was announced today.
  • Papercuts has a cool video of a sentence from a Lydia Millet short story animated.
  • I read  David Liss’ latest in his Benjamin Weaver series called The Devil’s Company. I can’t praise this one highly enough–a fantastic portrait of 19th century London, great characters, with a good plot thrown in there. Now I’m tackling John Irving’s forthcoming novel Last Night in Twisted River. I’m having dinner with him tonight and of course, I’m not that far into it. My boss Carole loves it so far. I believe she said she wishes she could sit in the corner and finish reading it. That’s high praise from a bookseller!

1 thought on “Back to Work!

  1. Kate

    Ah!!! Dinner with John Irving?! I’m breaking my silent stalker status to tell you I’m absolutely green! How fun!


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