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  • Wow, there’s so much material in this article about chick lit and the recession from The Independent. First, let’s discuss the name “recessionista fiction”. That just has to go. I’m not sure why it bothers me so much, but if it were furnture, I’d take it out back and set it on fire. Second, I can’t believe it, but I might agree with Plum Sykes! Read what she has to say.
  • I really enjoyed Michelle Hunevan’s piece at The Millions called “On Walking and Reading at the Same Time.” She argues that listening to books while walking/hiking offers its own rewards.
  • This is only tangentially book related, but this opinion piece from the L.A. Times on processed food is so off the mark. Granted, it’s one person’s opinion, but really? She seems to have missed the point, that the so called “cheap” products she embraces are in fact cheap. There’s a hidden cost to them whether she wants to acknowledge that or not! Man, she hit a nerve with that one.
  • The Guardian analyzes President Obama’s reading list.
  • I finished reading Frank Bruni’s memoir Born Round over lunch today. It’s definitely equal to the hype. His descriptions of his family members shows a genuine eye for understanding how people interact. I wish I could have met his grandmother. I’m going to miss reading his restaurant reviews every week.

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  1. Pete

    My wife used to read while walking here and there on the North Side of Chicago. How she was never run over by a truck, I’ll never know.


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