Shelving Fail

At the airport in Atlanta on the way back to Boston, I stopped by a bookstore. I only had one book left and I get paranoid about having nothing to read. It was a large Hudson news I think with a cafe and bookstore. I looked at the small section they have called “Classics” which includes Homer, Shakespear, Paul Auster, and others. Then I noticed this:


Can you spot the problem?

6 thoughts on “Shelving Fail

  1. Lauren

    Hahaha. Clearly the person who shelved the book never took a high school English class. I wonder if there IS a real Jane Eyre?


  2. frances

    Except Ellison is before Dumas. And Homer is shelved before Dante, but below the Ellison/Dumas/Eyre craziness. This is way more than one fail. I think it’s what we call an epicfail.


  3. Keith Arsenault

    FYI, Hudson doesn’t run any book/newsstands in ATL anymore. And while it’s on the wrong shelf at least the store had the book in stock!


  4. Biblibio

    Well, initially it would appear the shelver mistook Bronte vs. Eyre’s name, but the entire shelving order is backwards, in the style of Semitic languages. See the Koran (presumably authorless) is first on the right and then B, then D and then E. Lower, it would appear that Homer is alongside Dante. So it’s just a bizarre way to organize books. Or, as is more precise, a good way to keep books disorganized.


  5. eileen

    and why would Smila’s Sense of Snow be considered a classic –and of the same rank as the Iliad??


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