My Taste in Books Validated!

Andrea Walker at the Book Bench noted the cover for Serena by Ron Rash. This is an excellent book, one which inspired me to write a staff recommendation:

If the intense cover alone doesn’t draw you to this book, perhaps knowing that this novel features one of the greatest female protagonists I’ve ever come across will. It’s 1929, and George Pemberton returns to the North Carolina mountains with his new wife Serena where they plan on creating a timber empire. She’s no meek flower. She rides horses like men and even trains an eagle to kill the rattlers that plague the crews. Letting nothing get in their way, they ride roughshod over everyone who crossed paths with them including partners, sheriffs, and Pemberton’s former mistress. With echoes of Greek tragedy and Shakespeare, this story of ambition and greed and revenge has haunted my dreams for weeks.

3 thoughts on “My Taste in Books Validated!

  1. Emily Russo Murtagh

    Don’t you just love it when that happens? I was mulling over selecting Lewis Robinson’s new novel, WATER DOGS, for our Breakout Fiction Program at the Odyssey Bookshop (I thought it was a fantastic novel, though some of the chapters in the last third of the book seemed drawn out) and I finally said to myself, “I’m picking it” and when I wrote to the publicist to let her know the news, she tells me that it got a RAVE review in an upcoming issue of the New York Times.

    I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

    P.S. SERENA was one of my favorite novels of 2008. It was just superb. In fact, I love just about anything Lee Boudreaux at Ecco edits.


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