Nerds Unite

I’m back in nerd-dom, reading Dan Simmon’s follow-up to Iliium, which I had read on vacation. Olympos picks up shortly after the end of Ilium. I swear if I tried to explain the plot, your eyes might start to bleed. I tried to explain it to Mr. Bookdwarf, but after 5 minutes he just told me to stop. It’s complicated, involving the Trojan War, sentient organic robots from Jupiter, a band of humans, and the Greek gods. Exactly. I’m loving it however. I’ve not read anything else by Simmons. Got anything to recommend?

5 thoughts on “Nerds Unite

  1. Brian Lindenmuth

    Love Dan Simmons

    The Hyperion Cantos books are classics. Even better then Illium and Olympos I would say. There are four books that comprise it: Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion and The Rise of Endymion. One of the great epic science fiction stories.

    Song of Kali is a strong horror novel.

    Carrion Comfort is a favorite but it is a little bloated and it’s best to read the three sections separately so the bloatedness doesn’t become overwhelming.

    Last year’s The Terror is a little long at times and refuses to be placed squarely into any one genre but has moments that attain perfection.


  2. John M.

    I can vouch for Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion.

    I wasn’t as big on Endymion, though it was very good, and haven’t read the fourth. The first two are outstanding. I’d move those up in the queue. They transcend the genre and are indeed classics.


  3. Steve W/

    Ditto on the Hyperion Cantos Books. There are
    scenes and characters that stay with you after
    you have finished the series. I really need to
    give Illium a try.


  4. Martin Clark

    Off subject a bit…well, quite a bit…but a darn fine run for our Bosox, especially given how nicked and hurt they were. And I’ll pick up Illium; it sounds pretty interesting. I was a classics major in college, so perhaps I’ll recognize a deity or two. Hope all is well there. Martin Clark


  5. Jason

    Hyperion Cantos excellent, Illium duo was fantastic, but if you want something different or not so science fiction from Simmons, I would rec both Terror and Drood. Drood is very, very good.


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