Two Great Pieces of News!

  1. The New York Times profiled go-getter Jessica Stockton Bagnulo today. The Fort Greene Retail Association threw her a fundraising party recently, where neighbors as well as authors were in attendance. She’s also gained a partner–Rebecca Fitting, a 34-year-old sales representative for Random House. I can’t wait to see their store one day!
  2. Bookselling This Week has written about the scholarships we finagled out of Ingram for Emerging Leaders in bookselling to go to the Winter Institute. I visited Ingram in August and left very impressed with both their operation and the people that work for them. I’m truly excited that we can now offer six scholarships to young booksellers for such a great educational opportunity.

1 thought on “Two Great Pieces of News!

  1. Pete J

    Are you going to winter institute next year? We’re debating who if anyone should go. I just find them more fun than useful.


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