Vacation Time

I’m about to do some traveling over the next few weeks, so I won’t be posting much. Not that I’ve been posting much of anything anyway. August got away from me somehow. Hopefully a weekend with my sister in San Francisco and a week in the Berkshires will help me relax. Meanwhile, here’s some links to keep you occupied:

  • Danish author Peter Fogtdal has a blog called Danish Accent. Go there and also go read his new book The Tsar’s Dwarf, which is fan-freaking-tastic. Not only is the book good, but it’s beautiful as well.
  • Quiet earth got a hold of the the script for the screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

    To be blunt, the script is a complete stunner. It is a devastating masterwork which, I’m glad to report, has been written with absolute devotion to the original novel. If this is the script that gets filmed, then The Road will not only be the most important post-apocalyptic film ever made but it will profoundly affect the cinema going world.

  • Newsweek sent novelist Claire Messud on the road with Barack Obama’s campaign for a week. “First of all, joining up with the Obama campaign was rather like finding an unannounced rave party in the dead of night without a map.”
  • Say it ain’t so Oscar!
  • Amazon is buying up various parts of the book world. I never used Shelfari anyway as they’re link to Amazon is too prominent for my taste.
  • Chad Post at Three Percent has some nice commentary on another silly article on the Huffington Post about the publishing world.