Many things got posted while I was away. Here’s some of it:

  • There were many articles about Harvard Book Store being for sale, including The Crimson, The New York Times, The Cambridge Chronicle and The Globe. Nothing has happened yet. Frank Kramer wants to find the right person/people to run the store.
  • Here is the new Boldtype: Issue 56 Creatures.
  • Alan Cheuse, whom I met at a dinner in LA, has listed some a good summer reading list for fiction. Here is the entire list from the NPR series for cooking, debut novels, etc.
  • Dzanc Books has announced a short story contest. They plan on publishing 21 short story collections between now and 2010, a heady plan. Full details can be found on the website.
  • Open Letter has posted their June issue, full of arts essays and reviews.
  • Have you seen the New Yorker this week? The Summer Fiction issue features a cover by Adrian Tomine called Book Lovers. A man is unlocking the front door to a bookstore next door to someone receiving a package from Amazon. It’s brilliant. You don’t know how many times we hear people say, I love your store and hope it thrives but I buy all of my books from Amazon. We try to explain the value of having a local independent bookstore, but mostly I want to punch them.

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