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  • I’m jealous of Alberto Manguel’s 30,000 volume library.

    I have dozens of very bad books that I don’t throw away in case I ever need an example of a book I think is bad. The only book I ever banished from my library was Bret Easton Ellis’s “American Psycho,” which I felt infected the shelves with its prurient descriptions of deliberately inflicted pain. I put it in the garbage; I didn’t give it to anyone because I wouldn’t give away a book I wasn’t fond of.

  • Look at this hilarious makeover of the bible. It’s girly! (Thanks VQR for the link!)
  • Why are British book jackets often so much better than the North American? They’ve created a centenary set of the entire James Bond collection. I’m not sure if they’re available here in the states. We just get these pulp covers for now. russiaus.jpg

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  1. Lezlie

    30,000! I’m adding my name to the “green with envy” list! Very cool! Thanks for sharing that story!

    Have a great weekend!


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