Wednesday Miscellany

  • Granta has a fancy new website. Oooh.
  • If you live in NYC, head over to the NYPL on May 13th for a program called Periodically Speaking: Literary Magazine Editors Introducing Emerging Writers. The Library is kind enough to host a little reception afterward, which is open to all who attend the reading. At 6 PM on Tuesday, May 13th, editors Hannah Tinti from One Story, Paul Foster Johnson from Aufgabe, and Willard Cook from Epiphany will introduce an emerging fiction writer, poet, and nonfiction writer, respectively.
  • In honor of tax day, awesome Small Beer Press has released John Kessel’s new collection of short stories…for free! That’s right, for free you can read The Baum Plan for Financial Independence. You can download it here.
  • One of my favorite sales reps has started a blog with one of his colleagues called Books on the Nightstand. They’re posting some podcasts too.
  • Speaking of podcast, Ed Champion has posted his 200th interview today. I think it’s fitting that it’s a conversation between Ed and Mark Sarvas. Two bloggers who have done great literary things in the past few years. Mark’s book Harry, Revised came out just this week.