Wednesday Miscellany

  • A rare interview with Jorie Graham.
  • One of my friends food blogs La Tartine Gourmande is mentioned in this article in the Washington Post. She’s turned her obsessive food photography into quite a career, contributing articles and recipes to the Globe on a regular basis. It’s also quite cool that many of her recipes are gluten free for the gluten intolerant.
  • Robert Fagles died last week.
  • Bookstream, a cool indie book distributor, has a new website. It’s not surprising how nice it is considering they used to employ Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, aka The Written Nerd.
  • This isn’t a link, more a quick mention of a book I finished a few days ago, Missy by Chris Hannan. I love westerns, so the fact that it features a opium addicted flash gal traveling the wagon trail from San Francisco to the silver mines in the Sierra Nevadas had me hooked. There’s lots of wordplay and fun slang plus some good characters.