You Learn Something New Everyday. Sometimes Several Things.

I’m still coughing and finally went to the doctor after 8 nights of interrupted, cough-ridden sleep. I’ve been given some drugs which hopefully will help. Meanwhile, I flipped through Ingram’s Advance Magazine. Mostly it’s a list of books coming out that month, but the first 10 pages or so have some good interviews and whatnot. The New Voices column, written by Amy Cox Williams (I met her last year at BEA. She’s really nice) is about Tom Rob Smith and his debut novel Child 44. I read this book and wrote about it a few weeks ago. Now I learn that it’s set to become a movie directed by Ridley Scott. And guess who is writing the screenplay? Richard Price. I can’t find confirmation anywhere just doing a lazy google search and the article isn’t available online. So you’ll have to take my word for it. Also Smith is at work on a follow up, set a couple of years after the end of the book and features some of the main characters.