Books from Blogs Can be a Bad Idea or Publishers Wasting Money

I first heard about the website Stuff White People Like at the panel on which I particpated with Sarah Boxer. The third panelist Sharon, who writes the blog Word Up for the Boston Phoenix, brought it up. Since then, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention it. I knew it was over when an article in the Globe appeared today.

Landers recently signed a deal with Random House to turn the concept into a book after a competitive auction that allegedly reached six figures.

Say it isn’t so! This just seems like a bad idea. Sharon reports that the founders of the site might have gotten as much as $350,000. And people wonder why the publishing industry is in trouble. Here’s a piece of advice: Stop publishing this crap! Sure, it’s a fun site that might amuse for a few minutes, but by the time the book comes out, will it be funny anymore?

2 thoughts on “Books from Blogs Can be a Bad Idea or Publishers Wasting Money

  1. Jessica

    Jeez, amen to that! Thank you for saying so, as a fellow blogger. Stuff like this gives us a bad name — and as booksellers, the last thing we need is more disposable, not-really-funny books.


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