End of the Week Recap

Work, work, and more work. And now some snow. I stopped reading Bonk for a few days in order to read a borrowed galley of Phoebe Damrosch’s Service Included, which details her days working at Per Se in New York. It’s the sort of book that delivers exactly what you expect. It’s behind the scenes at one of the best restaurants in New York with lots of details about how everything works plus some details about Damrosch’s love life. A quick, fun read basically.

Now I’m back to Bonk. It’s so funny. This morning as I rode the T into work, I wondered what the man reading over my shoulder thought of the chapter 9’s heading, “The Lady Boner: Is the Clitoris a Tiny Penis?” Here’s a sample from the chapter:

FSAD is the ladies’ edition of ED (erectile dysfunction). It is distinct from FOD (female orgasmic disorder) and HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or low libido). —there’s a footnote here—And from HFAD, hyperactive acronym formation disorder. The condition has reached epidemic proportions in the sex research community. Cindy Weston staged a quiet parody in her days as a postdoc at Washington University. She had the task of composing a questionnaire to screen patients to see if they were promising candidates for surgical correction of a crooked penis (due to Peyronie’s disease). The surgery repairs the crook but takes as much as an inch off the length. Meston called the questionnaire the Washington Examination of Expected Negative Identity Post-Peyronie’s: the WEENI PP.

And yes, I realize what I am doing to my search stats just by typing the words penis and clitoris on here.

2 thoughts on “End of the Week Recap

  1. Brandon

    I Googled “clitoris” and “orgasmic” and your blog was the first site that, um, popped up. Take that, Jenna Jameson!

    Okay, in all seriousness, I really want to read “Bonk” now. The title is certainly an eye-catcher, and being a single guy, I imagine it might encourage more conversation from women than, say, “War and Peace.” Women are supposed to like guys with a sense of humor, right?


  2. bookfraud

    i’ve always wondered about the “lady’s boner.” i’m glad someone explained it to me.

    “bonk” sounds like a total hoot, and you might even learn something. the only thing is the author should have called it “shag.” for publication in the uk, of course.


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