The Engineer Trilogy

I finished Evil for Evil, the second book in the Engineer trilogy written by K.J. Parker. It’s an odd series, one that I’m finding myself increasingly sucked into. The basic plot goes something like this: the engineer Ziani Vaatzes engineered a war to be reunited with his family. Of course it’s not so simple. It’s less a traditional fantasy than an alternate world with different cultures and whatnot. The first two books were thick—over 600 page and I was surprised to find the third book come in at merely 400. How are is Parker going to close this trilogy? Hopefully I’ll find out tonight.

Has anyone else read these or other books by the author?

3 thoughts on “The Engineer Trilogy

  1. Scott

    I had the flu earlier this week, which I took advantage of by reading “Devices and Desires”, the first book of the trilogy. After a slowish start, I found that I was really sucked on by the story. I did think that the closing events unfolded just a little too perfectly – Vaatzes could not have engineered those events with that degree of precision. The books ending still would have worked if the fate of some of the characters had been a little less certain.

    In any event, I have “Evil for Evil” ordered at the library.


  2. John Harvey

    Scott, ditto with your synopsis. A wee bit too perfect and precise for me, to the point I am not going to read E2 (get the grumpy guy). But if you all tell me the books improve then I may take a second look. Regards.


  3. bookdwarf Post author

    I ended up liking the trilogy as a whole. Was it perfect? No. I know what you mean about it being a little too perfect. The end of the third book does have a few twists.


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