Another Day another book

I finished Buddenbrooks the other night. I find it hard to believe that Thomas Mann was only 25 when he wrote this book. I know I mentioned in a previous post its intensity and I was only a quarter the way into it! The intensity kept up and I found that Mann’s sly wit and his understanding of human nature increased as the book went forward. The only negative was the what I imagined was a hurried ending. Everyone begins to die and time leaps forward chapter by chapter. But young Hanno’s death seemed forced and out of place. This is not a book that you can fly through quickly. I found myself going back and rereading passages to make sure I understood fully what was really happening. Overall it’s a great book though one I’m glad to have finally read.

I think for the next classic I’m going to read Wilkie Collin’s The Woman in White. Has anyone else read it?

1 thought on “Another Day another book

  1. Rohan Maitzen

    It’s enormous fun. And then when you’ve finished it, you can read Fingersmith, Sarah Waters’s brilliant revision of the ‘sensation fiction’ genre Collins initiated (if you haven’t already had that pleasure).


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