I Never Trusted that Grünlich!

I’m reading Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks right now. It’s so maddening! Poor Tony, so clueless, trying to do the right thing, even if she’s still so immature. I love this description of her:

She believed, without knowing it, that absolutely every character trait was a family heirloom, a piece of tradition, and therefore something venerable and worthy of her respect, no matter what/

What a perfect description! From the getgo, I didn’t like Grünlich—he seemed like an asskisser with an ulterior motive. I’m just at the part when (sorry for the spoiler) he’s gone bankrupt. Consul Buddenbrook has arrived in an attempt to save the day. He feels guilty for having pushed his daughter Tony into the marriage, as he should.

Perhaps there’s more to Grünlich than meets the eye. I left off at the end of Part Four, Chapter Seven. I can see why this novel is taught in English classes. There’s so much there.

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    Думаю стоит добавить в избранное, мне понравилось


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